What is social media?

  When the question was asked in class “who wants to tell me what social media is?” I thought to myself “please don’t ask me” because I had no clue. After the first class I had a bit better understanding that social media is not only important in the business world but there are many forms of it as well. To be honest though I still don’t have a complete grasp of the concept but have faith! I’ve been out of school for 13 years and its the first week!

   Social media is important in business because its an easy way to get your information across and in most cases its free. Places like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc… Allow people to connect with others they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect with,  in places all around the world. 

   There are many forms of social media as mentioned, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are the ones I am most familiar with. I do not have any experience with twitter I always assumed it was similar to facebook and just didn’t bother with it. Facebook can be used as a media tool in many ways. One could create a group then invite potential clients or customers to join the group. As well one could use facebook to invite a mass group of people to an event.

You Tube can be used to post virtually anything. Videos of a home project that you want a sponsor for or company adds or info, among the many other things.

  As I said before, I don’t have the strongest grasp on social media as a whole but I feel like I have a better idea than I did last week to what social media is and how important it is to both myself and the business world.


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Sarah H.A. Hilts Media Arts and Design - Loyalist College Business Sales & Marketing - Loyalist College Business (General) - Loyalist College Belleville Idol Winner - 2010 Mother of 3 Singer, creative design, love soccer, reading and writing and especially learning. I also love shoes, purses, and anything fun!!
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