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The blog I chose was koodo mobile  http://whatsnew.koodomobile.com/ . I chose this blog because cell phones interest me and koodo is a newer company and one I deal with personally.  I found their blog interesting and very easy to navigate.  I still haven’t had the opportunity to browse many company blogs outside of the ones we viewed in class and the ones I checked out for this assignment.  I found the koodo blog  interesting and informative, with many different story topics, and short cuts in each story to provide examples.  The one thing I didn’t see was much promotion for the products the company carries directly on their main blog, although there are links to many products and offers.  Over all I learned a lot about the newest cell phone technology and about apps that make life easier and I really enjoyed reading this blog.

I checked out a few other company blogs before settling on koodo.  I found the other sites easy and informative but I had a hard time understanding what products the company was offering to the public.  I decided on koodo because I already know what they are selling and I thought that would be easier to understand considering my minimal experience with blogs.  As soon as I pulled up this blog I could tell it was a cell phone company.  I was immediately attracted by the “weekend reading”.  The little picture made me want to pour a coffee and sit down and see just what this blog was all about.  So I did.

Koodo’s blog has all the latest breaking news in cell phone technology.  It has stories on both the I Phone 5, and the latest news about R.I.M. and the BB10 launch.  All of their stories have short cuts to a more detailed story incase the reader wants to read more about the subject like this one for the I Phone 5; http://mashable.com/2012/09/11/youtube-iphone/.  Or this one http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/14/android-is-winning/ that tells us how the android phone is out selling the I Phones 3 to 1.

One thing I found really great about this blog was their information about apps.  They really try to relate to their consumers in this department.  I saw a story about “minding your mobile manners,” that had app ideas to help deal with those situations.  An example would be the type and walk app; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GZf3pmB_bE4.  This app allows you to see the path ahead of you via your camera while allowing you to type at the same time. Neat! They also have apps to help students get back into the swing of school like this alarm clock; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doubleTwist.alarmClock and this app called Linquet; http://www.helloandroid.com/content/keep-close-eye-your-phone-wallet-and-keys-linquet that allows you to link your keys etc to your phone so when you are too far away from them an alarm sounds.  There is a world of apps out there waiting for every occasion!!

This blog has a sidebar that is very simple to understand and has many helpful links allowing you to access any information you could possibly need about koodo.  From phones and apps to fun and extras, it’s all there.  There are links to their homepage and their facebook page as well;https://www.facebook.com/Koodo.  The many topics they offer to read and discuss are labelled and easy to access along the side.  The one thing i noticed and really liked was the questions tab on the side.  Even if I scrolled to the bottom of the page the question tab stayed in the same place!

Although I did notice that koodo doesn’t update their blog daily but they do post numerous times a week and have a weekly recap about all the latest news in cell phone technology.  Their page is very easy to navigate and understand, their topics are interesting and they relate to many different kinds of consumers.  As well as having short cuts within the stories to direct you to a bigger version of the story being discussed but they also have many links to pages such as facebook, and its easy to find their products and promotions.  I really enjoyed this blog, and I actually learned a lot from it and I know I will look forward to the weekend reading from now on.


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