Fortune magazine (Twitter)

This week we are going to discuss how businesses use twitter.  The business I choose to research via twitter was Fortune magazine.  I chose a company I had no knowledge about because franky I am finding twitter very diffcult to navigate and it’s frustrating.  There fore, I am having a hard time with this assignment and understanding why something like twitter would be so important to a business. I also am of the opinion that a business does not need to use these sites to be successful.  On that note, the company seems to be using twitter effectively, frequently and informatively.

Fortune magazine is a business magazine.  They use twitter to tweet headlines to their stories with the option to expand the story.  Their page layout is very boring as opposed to for eg. Rihanna’s that draws the eye of the reader.   Fortune’s is very basic, having just their company logo.  On the other hand its also less distracting which leaves the reader with no choice but to focus on their headlines.

Posts are updated very frequently.  Daily, for sure, but almost hourly.  The posts are not generated to one specific topic and they appeal to many viewers.  Post content is guided towards both genres.  They touch on topics about women and business, why you should like business, and technology related topics like the story about the I phone 5 and what people are failing to mention, and the flaws the phone has developed since its release last week.

All the topics are current and up to date but from what I could see most of the topics are American or Canadian based.  I did not see many international stories or topics geared to an international market unless a person is looking for specific information on business in North America, this site isn’t helpful.  Although many of the topics are adddressed world wide like the I phone there is no direct link to an international company or product.  Even when it touches on subjects like cars and worlds most influential business women it is still directed towards the same population.

I found the fortune magazine twitter page both helpful and informative.  I kept finding myself getting lost in other stories and not really learning much about the company or twitter.  I still find twitter hard to navigate and not all things are easy to learn .  After completing this assignment i can see the benefit this site could have to a business and why both companies and consumers would use twitter.


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