Pinterest and StumbleUpon

When it comes to social media platforms, there are so many to choose from.  My two favorite things about these social media platforms are that they are free and they can send a message world wide.  I was introduced to Pinterest about two weeks ago and became quickly addicted, as the site is known to do.  I also decided to check out a few others that were mentioned in class.  I am just going to say I started Stumbling, and hours turned to minutes.  So needless to say these are the two social media platforms I have chosen to discuss.

I will begin with Pinterest.  I really like the concept that the creators of Pinterest have.  Its fun for users and an awesome way for businesses to get their names, products and services out there.  People love to be able to see pictures. That’s what this site is, board after board, picture after picture.  A company could use Pinterest in ways such as I use this example because I happened to find their website one day when I was browsing Pinterest for shoe pictures.  I repinned the picture, when this happens if someone else views my board and likes the picture they can like it, repin it etc, but they can also enlarge the picture.  When this happens there is a direct link at the side that links you to their boards on Pinterest, and also a link to their direct website.  This is a great way to draw repeat customers and repeat visitors to their web page.  How would I use Pinterest for my business?   Since the business I want to open is either a Caribbean restaurant in Canada or a clothing store in Jamaica, I would find Pinterest very useful.  I would take pictures of my products,  which are topics I would call popular.  This means I would have a good chance of people seeing my photos and linking to my website.  The more they see, the more they like is the idea.  Next thing I know someone is sitting in my restaurant who and says “I want to try the breadfruit,ackee and salt fish  I saw on your board on Pinterest!” As a business owner, that would be fantastic.  StumbleUpon was something I had never even heard of until class the other day.  I was honestly just sitting there jotting down all the names being mentioned and the number of students interested or signed up on the sites.  When I checked out StumbleUpon I had an idea of what it was just because of how it was described in class.  Once I started Stumbling I couldn’t stop.  I chose a lot of interests, literally everything I am even slightly interested in so my Stumbles are very random but I actually learned things in the breif minutes I spent on some of the sites, while others still were wasted seconds of my life that can never be returned.

I think StumbleUpon would be a good social media tool but not as effective as Pinterest.  I like the concept but I am undecided at the same time.  As a user, I loved the randomness of each Stumble but as a business I think it would be harder to guarantee those repeat visits, or the homepage links that would give people a better chance to see what the company is about. It is effective in a way that gets a company out on the web and there is a chance it will be viewed by users who wouldn’t even have thought to look for it.  An example would be a hair and beauty site I Stumbled to.  The site is called boxnutt.  I personally would never realate that to hair and beauty so I would never have looked here otherwise for this kind of information or products.  Also Punchfork, another site I Stumbled to.  This site was full of recipes and food tips.  I probably wouldn’t have looked there for a recipe.  I think StumbleUpon is a good platform but I think it better serves a web based company.  I feel this better benefit such businesses because from personal experience I haven’t seen anything that draws me to a specific product or store.  I saw more web based beauty tips, recipe ideas, and of course animal pictures than I did stories or information on technology, cell phones or anything that gave me the desire to go to a store and purchase a product.

As a would be business owner I can say I would definetly use Pinterest as a social media tool for my business because I think it would better suit my business.  I would still sign my business up for sites like StumbleUpon, I mean why not? It’s free.  I would cross my fingers and hope for the best.  I just think my chances of connecting  and reconnecting with old or new customers would be a lot better with platforms more like Pinterest.  As a business owner I would follow everyone I could on as many of the available social media platforms as possible.  This would be a way to draw people to my website and my products.  I would also posts as many pictures of my establishment and my customers as possible so they felt a sense of importance.  That customer would repin their picture which would draw their followers to my boards, leading to my website, and hopefully leading right to me!


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Sarah H.A. Hilts Media Arts and Design - Loyalist College Business Sales & Marketing - Loyalist College Business (General) - Loyalist College Belleville Idol Winner - 2010 Mother of 3 Singer, creative design, love soccer, reading and writing and especially learning. I also love shoes, purses, and anything fun!!
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