Staying on Top of Emerging Trends

This week our topic is emerging trends.  In this weeks post we will discuss websites that are the best current resources for finding the latest emerging trends as well I will then analyze how each topic can, will or is impacting the business world and how the topic could be related back to using social media and technology in the business world.

Mashable is the first site I explored.  I found the site very interesting as well as informative.  The article I chose was titled “Oprah Endorses Microsoft’s Surface Tablet: ‘It’s Like a Mercedes!” by Chris Taylor. This topic discusses the release of the new Surface Tablet offered by Microsoft.  Oprah released her list of “Favorite Things” just this past Thursday and the Surface Tablet was on her list.  Oprah talked about her personal experience with the tablet but the article also discussed the current status, or lack there of  concerning Mocrosoft’s newest release.  I think this relates to using social media and technology in business because the praise from Oprah is clearly going to benefit in some way.  Mashable is site that is current on the latest technology so having the Surface Tablet mentioned on thier site is also free advertising that can be viewed literally world wide.  This topic impacts the business world because it is Microsoft’ s newest big release and as mentioned in the article it is not making as big of a splash as anticipated.  This could help Microsofts sales increase, because Oprah is very influential.

The next place I explored was TechCrunch.  I had never even touched on this site before and I was impressed.  The topics all caught my attention but I did find that once I went into the actual articles I had to sift through a lot of advertisements before I got to the actual article.  The article I chose was “Facebook’s Next Money Maker? Its Version Of AdWords In Its New App Center Search.” By Josh Constine. This article talks about a new possible business advantage that Facebook could have for any company.  Facebook recently added a search box to their Apps Center.  The next possibility the article discusses Facebook facing is to let developers pay to buy search keyword ads in the App Center search typeahead, similar to the specific name ads in its site-wide search typeahead.  And if App Center goes beyond the typeahead and launches a search results page, it could host full-blown AdWords-style search ads.  This would be an amazing opportunity for businesses as it gives them even more options for advertising.  It directly relates to social media in the business world because it is just one more example of how businesses can use social media to their advantage.

The last site I checked out was Social Media Explorer.  The article I liked was one titled “Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media.”  By Ilana Rabinowitz. This article discusses how quickly social media is evolving and some business investors view a company before they would invest in the company.  This relates directly to businesses using social media.  It shows how important social media has become as well.

Overall, these three sites are very useful for viewers and very effective for business emerging in any industry.  Every where we turn social media is becoming big and all the people who have avoided getting to know the internet and social media are going to be left with no choice.  Sites like the ones discussed would be very useful to those users as well.


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