Social Media Measurement Tools

This weeks blog will be centered around social media measurement tools.  The three tools I chose to research and discuss were, WebsiteGrader, BackType, and Twitter Grader.  After researching a few of the available tools, these are three that I thought would be beneficial to any business seeking their social media report, or who want to find out where their social media needs improvment.

WebsiteGrader is a tool that basically tracks your blogs. Including blog analysis, blog grade, and recent blog articles.  It also provides information about Google index pages and readability level and an added benefit it also helps you optimize your content.  This tool would be great for a business that deals with a very active blogs.  This tool would help a business maximize the effect their blog has, as well as gain valuable information concerning analysis and grade.  Every business should know where they sit on Google so the index pages and readability level would definetly assist any business.  I feel this tool would be excellent for any company who wants to develop, improve, or just be nosy about their blog.

BackType is an awesome tool.  This tool tracks so many things, making it essential for any business to use. This tool is free.  It basically measures ones social media impact.  Once the url is entered, it gives the user information on their latest pages, top inlfuencers and where their major action is online.  These tools are great for anyone to use to see just how far their digital footprint walks, and also by showing the top influencers, allows anyone to gain knowledge of their target audience and allows them to reach out to them more as well as provides knowledge that they need to use different ideas to draw in different audiences.  Seeing where their major action is online will show how well one social media tool like Twitter fairs against Facebook.  Excellent information for anyone to have.

And finally, Twitter Grader.  It basically does what it says.  This tool allows you to track, measure, and increase your power in the Twitter world.  I felt this tool is very self explanitory all around.  I think this tool is valuable for any business who uses Twitter regularly because it would help them improve where needed as well as allowing them to measure their Twitter account, making them able to see who is following them and who is retweeting their tweets.  This tool helps any business gain valuable Twitter insight.

There are many different social media measurement tools, I could have researched for hours acually but I chose these three tools because I felt they are beneficial to any business but I also felt they each had their own benefits so that being said, I felt these three tools combined could give a business a very general overall view on where their social media reaches and who it influences most.


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Sarah H.A. Hilts Media Arts and Design - Loyalist College Business Sales & Marketing - Loyalist College Business (General) - Loyalist College Belleville Idol Winner - 2010 Mother of 3 Singer, creative design, love soccer, reading and writing and especially learning. I also love shoes, purses, and anything fun!!
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