All About ME!!

Hi y’all!!! My name is Sarah and today I am going to tell you a little about myself.

I just turned 37 last month – I know I’m getting up there eh! I am constantly reminded of that fact as I watch my 3 beautiful daughters turn into 3 amazing young women.  They are my reason to succeed.  I want to set the very best example possible for them.

I have many passions – singing, dancing, photography, reading, soccer… I especially love being creative and creating event fliers for local events.  I have been slowly teaching myself these skills and have created some really great fliers for local events!

I just recently returned to Loyalist to pursue a different aspect of my desired career, so I am taking Media, Arts and Design.  I say returned because I am a Loyalist graduate with diplomas in both Business (general) as well as Business Sales and Marketing.  My goal is to one day work for myself.

I am a very opinionated and passionate person who sticks up for my beliefs and my family. I enjoy life..most days LOL!! Stay tuned for more awesome blogs from ME!!


This is the invitation I made for my birthday this year 🙂



About SarahHilts

Sarah H.A. Hilts Media Arts and Design - Loyalist College Business Sales & Marketing - Loyalist College Business (General) - Loyalist College Belleville Idol Winner - 2010 Mother of 3 Singer, creative design, love soccer, reading and writing and especially learning. I also love shoes, purses, and anything fun!!
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