A Pawsitive Experience For Pets!

Today we are going to talk about online video advertising. I am going to share with you my opinion on how Pet Pawsitive could benefit from online videos. Pet Pawsitive is not a store that specializes in selling pets, in fact they do not sell pets at all.  Their main focus is behavioral and psychological training, for both the pet and the owner.  They do sell some products, all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies.  They also work closely with local community pet shelters to help pets find owners and vice versa.  They have a small staff, which I think is important to recognize because it provides more of a family feeling since most people who have pets love them as though they are one of the family. We will also discuss what types of videos in my opinion, would work best for this company.  As well,  I will give you an idea of what I think, is the perfect video for this company.

I think this company could use many types of videos to appeal to their many types of viewers.  Some people have an easier time laughing about a chewed shoe than another person, so some videos should be professional, show examples of services, be very cut, dry and business like. This will appeal to the more serious audience who may see a comical commercial and think that the training process is taken for a joke.

Being that this store specializes in behavioral and psychological training, I believe videos that show examples of actual experiences they had with pets would be effective.  One great way would be to interview some of their customers and video those conversations.  Use examples of the actual customers and their pets.  This helps the public relate to each other in their own communities.  Having the owners talk also sets a great example that the business does what they say they will do effectively.

I also think given the service the company offers, a comical video would also be very beneficial.  A lot of people spoil their pet, letting them away with more than they would allow say a child, and I think both are a lot alike. While others are constantly fighting with their pet to “get down.”  Maybe a video bringing those two perspectives together would be good as well.  Something showing how they teach animals to behave differently around children, to nurture and protect them.  Find a way to link comedy with those few topics and it will appeal to audiences of all ages.

Some people want to train their dogs as a gaurd dog. Others want to teach them not to bark at every little thing. I think a video showing examples of this would also be good for this company.  This would reach out to the viewers who need help in this area since behaviour can mean many different things.   These could also focus on some products they offer, like collars and leashes. Bringing their retail side into the videos can’t hurt but I think the main focus should still be the training.

I also think recording videos of customers meeting pets through the local shelters would be great.  These type of things pull at peoples hearts and they are more inclined to remember a company that works closely with programs like shelters, for that reason alone.  Everyone loves a story that makes you sad and then makes you happy.  They could have a “show” dedicated solely to pets meeting owners.  This would also draw people back to their site so the viewer could see what new story will tug at their heart next!

I think the best way to portray this company in an online video would be to try and hit on all the products and serivices this company offers, but the main focus should be around the behavioral and psycholgical training.  The video would start out with a basic quick ten or fifteen second blurb with a Pet Pawsitive associate walking thru the section that holds their products saying, “Hey, have you heard of Pet Pawsitive? It’s your one stop for most pet needs. But our main focus being on behavioral and psychological training for both pets and owners.  We don’t sell animals but we do work closely with community based pet shelters, together helping pets and owners meet.”  At this point, the person would have walked thru the location and be standing in the training area. I would then show a brief ten second clip of an employee from both the shelter, and Pet Pawsitive. They would be introducing an owner to their new pet.  This would show how Pet pawsitive works together with both the shelter, and the customer, to provide the best results.  Then I would pop back to the main person talking.  “Meet Karen and Jake, (flash a pic of dog and owner).  Karen was convinced that Jake had an attitude problem,” now flash to a clip of Karen talking, she would explain how she thought her dog Jake could read her thoughts.  He knew just how to upset her so she started to bribe him with treats.  Suddenly, if jake didn’t get his own way she would come home to find one of her favorite shoes chewed, pee on her favorite chair (although Jake is trained), he would play chase the ball… with her potatos and onions,  that he found IN THE CUPBOARD!! Jake had become worse than a spoiled child and Karen felt she was losing her patience and her love for her best friend.  Next I would skip to a clip of the Pet Pawsitive trainer working with Karen and Jake in the training facility.  The clip would have a few different quick examples of how the company, Karen and Jake all worked together.  Then I would show another clip of Karen and Jake walking into the store location, Karen would turn and Jake of course would sit promptly by her right foot.  Karen would then talk of how the small staff at Pet Pawsitive made them feel like family, how her experience helped her and her dog become even closer, and that she would recommend the service to anyone who feels challenged by their “best friend”. Then I would flash back to my main spokes-person who would be standing in front of the store location, “Come into one of our two locations in Belleville or Kingston (flash a pic of the kingston store), let’s see what Pet Pawsitive can do for you.” (Have an image of an owner walking a dog who is running circles and doing backflips, and  then flash to one of the same dog and owner walking calmly thru the park) Finally, have all staff together smiling and waving, and have a trainer say “Let us help your walk in the park BE a walk in the park.”  That would also be my company slogan.

Overall, as I said before I feel a company like this would benefit greatly from online videos.  It would open doors to all kinds of options and ways to show exactly what Pet Pawsitive is offering to the public.  It is also a great way to spread word of their company since their locations are limited to two specific areas, and give the company a chance to expand and  also give public from out of these areas a chance see that they do have options, like the ones this Pet Pawsitive has to offer.  All in all online videos, in my opinion, would be a benefit to absolutely any company.

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Matt & Joes is the Place to Be on Facebook!

This weekly discussion will focus around businesses using Facebook.  I was going to write about the Mustang Drive In because I do feel that this company uses their page effectively considering the nature of their business, but I didn’t think there was enough content to talk about.  Next I checked out the other businesses I have on my own personal Facebook  likes list.  After briefly browsing through a few I chose to write about Matt & Joes Night Club.  Matt & Joes Facebook page is jam-packed with content relevant to their business.  This includes numerous links, photos, and events.  I found that Matt & Joes engages with their friends and viewers, and they post frequently as well.  Their pictures are posted in a timely fashion and their page is easy to navigate and understand.  Overall Matt & Joes uses their Facebook page very effectively for their business and they definetly understand the concept of social networking, advertising, and  social media.

As I said before, Matt & Joe’s Facebook page is jam-packed with content, all related to their business.  When the page comes up, the first thing that draws my attention is the giant ad promoting their latest upcoming event.  The picture is huge.  This makes it impossible to miss.  The ad is always catchy, with colors, pictures and fonts that quickly catch the viewers eye.  The ad also includes all the information I would need to attend the event if it appealed to me.  A general glance at the overall page content immediately shows viewers exactly what Matt & Joes is, and what they have to offer.

Content consists of photo albums and videos, as well as pictures of weekly events, contests, customers enjoying their establishment, general business information and upcoming events.  It is all easily accessed from their homepage.  As well, there are clickable icons which will direct viewers to their photo album, videos, events, and likes pages.  This is important because, as a viewer who used to browse their site quite frequently, I know first hand that those are probably the more popular things people look for most if they are looking at the site.  They also have links to their TwitterYou Tube and to the official Matt & Joes websites.   The page also contains all the vital information, company name, address and phone number.  There is even a tab to a map, which I thought would be very helpful.  The address is important so potential customers know where to find the establishment, as well as their phone number so they may be contacted easily.  Overall it is my opinion that Matt & Joe’s have all the required content that a user would want or need to see concerning their business, and more!

Matt & Joe’s have a nice layout to their about page.  I think an about page is very important because it gives a business the chance to tell the public about themself.  For me it shows how organized the company is, and how much they want me as a customer.  Their about page has a map,  along with any and all necessary contact info, as well as the general description of the company and what they have to offer to the public.  Their page also includes transportation information, for instance, whether there is parking,  and if they are accessible by public transit.  One thing I found nice was that they gave a detailed description telling “out-of-towners”  exactly how to get to the bar.  I thought that was great because it shows that they are aware that their address alone may be confusing, and they take that little extra time to explain how they can be found.  A lot of businesses just post an address with no concern as to whether anyone can actually find the place.  Matt & Joes about page shows me they want me to come to their night club because they have shown me every possible option I have to arrive at their nightclub, as well as every option possible to contact them if and when necessary.  Sold me!

The owner of the bar, Joe Lentini, actually interacts with the viewers of his site.  I didn’t find anything that invites people to engage in a specific topic of conversation, but I did notice that if a person made a comment, Joe himself was the one to reply to the questions or comments posted.  I think this is great because it shows both new and old viewers that the owners of the establishment actually watch their Facebook site and don’t just delegate someone to do it for them.  I think this direct interaction is important for building a stronger and bigger social network,  and to build stronger customer relationships.  It makes the commenter feel good to know that not only was their comment viewed, but it was viewed by the owner who took the time himself to respond, showing he cares what his customers and viewers think.

In the future, I would like to see Matt & Joes engage more with the public.  Perhaps an online music contest where they post a daily question about music, everyone who answers correctly gets their name entered in a draw for tickets for their next big event.  They could have the contests run between events, then draw names from all the daily winners, for 5 tickets to that event, for example.  Another idea would be to have a scavenger hunt that would involve a series of questions, but the answers to those questions could be found on any of their 4 web pages.  Or maybe a contest to create a unique drink and name it, of course offer some small prize.  If  say one person, who had never been to Matt & Joes before,  saw one of their contests through a search engine such as Google and started entering, then said person wins a ticket.  We all know how the chain goes, that person brings their friends to “check out” the place, they like it and they tell more friends.  Now that one new customer has turned into 10 and suddenly the Matt & Joes community is even larger.  Contests and prizes draw peoples attention, curiosity and would definetly have them engaging more with their customers, therefore building an even stronger company/customer relationship.

Overall I actually love Matt & Joes Facebook page!  Even now that I am too busy (or some of you may say too old – to which I reply, you’re only as old as you look/feel/act) to frequent Matt & Joes as much as I used to, I still like to check out their page.  I enjoy looking at the pictures and seeing if I know anyone.  I like to see what people are wearing these days, and maybe see what not to wear! (ha ha) I enjoy seeing what events they have coming up and then checking out the pictures after the event, its like a little story that tells itself, and I don’t have to wait long since they post their pictures within 12 hours of closing time!  Now, when I look at it from a business aspect, I can see that there is so much more to their website than hilarious drunken photos!  Matt & Joes Facebook page is informative, very easy to understand , interesting to browse and navigate through, as well as being an excellent way to relate to and build relationships with their customers and the public.  I would like to see them engage with public a bit more, but I would estimate that more than 95% of the people who go to Matt & Joes Night Club are Facebook users, therefore, I believe that Facebook is an outstanding social media tool for this business, and it is very beneficial to both the customers and the company.

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Fortune magazine (Twitter)

This week we are going to discuss how businesses use twitter.  The business I choose to research via twitter was Fortune magazine. https://twitter.com/FortuneMagazine.  I chose a company I had no knowledge about because franky I am finding twitter very diffcult to navigate and it’s frustrating.  There fore, I am having a hard time with this assignment and understanding why something like twitter would be so important to a business. I also am of the opinion that a business does not need to use these sites to be successful.  On that note, the company seems to be using twitter effectively, frequently and informatively.

Fortune magazine is a business magazine.  They use twitter to tweet headlines to their stories with the option to expand the story.  Their page layout is very boring as opposed to for eg. Rihanna’s that draws the eye of the reader.   Fortune’s is very basic, having just their company logo.  On the other hand its also less distracting which leaves the reader with no choice but to focus on their headlines.

Posts are updated very frequently.  Daily, for sure, but almost hourly.  The posts are not generated to one specific topic and they appeal to many viewers.  Post content is guided towards both genres.  They touch on topics about women and business, why you should like business, and technology related topics like the story about the I phone 5 and what people are failing to mention, and the flaws the phone has developed since its release last week.

All the topics are current and up to date but from what I could see most of the topics are American or Canadian based.  I did not see many international stories or topics geared to an international market unless a person is looking for specific information on business in North America, this site isn’t helpful.  Although many of the topics are adddressed world wide like the I phone there is no direct link to an international company or product.  Even when it touches on subjects like cars and worlds most influential business women it is still directed towards the same population.

I found the fortune magazine twitter page both helpful and informative.  I kept finding myself getting lost in other stories and not really learning much about the company or twitter.  I still find twitter hard to navigate and not all things are easy to learn .  After completing this assignment i can see the benefit this site could have to a business and why both companies and consumers would use twitter.

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Koodo Mobile Blog

The blog I chose was koodo mobile  http://whatsnew.koodomobile.com/ . I chose this blog because cell phones interest me and koodo is a newer company and one I deal with personally.  I found their blog interesting and very easy to navigate.  I still haven’t had the opportunity to browse many company blogs outside of the ones we viewed in class and the ones I checked out for this assignment.  I found the koodo blog  interesting and informative, with many different story topics, and short cuts in each story to provide examples.  The one thing I didn’t see was much promotion for the products the company carries directly on their main blog, although there are links to many products and offers.  Over all I learned a lot about the newest cell phone technology and about apps that make life easier and I really enjoyed reading this blog.

I checked out a few other company blogs before settling on koodo.  I found the other sites easy and informative but I had a hard time understanding what products the company was offering to the public.  I decided on koodo because I already know what they are selling and I thought that would be easier to understand considering my minimal experience with blogs.  As soon as I pulled up this blog I could tell it was a cell phone company.  I was immediately attracted by the “weekend reading”.  The little picture made me want to pour a coffee and sit down and see just what this blog was all about.  So I did.

Koodo’s blog has all the latest breaking news in cell phone technology.  It has stories on both the I Phone 5, and the latest news about R.I.M. and the BB10 launch.  All of their stories have short cuts to a more detailed story incase the reader wants to read more about the subject like this one for the I Phone 5; http://mashable.com/2012/09/11/youtube-iphone/.  Or this one http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/14/android-is-winning/ that tells us how the android phone is out selling the I Phones 3 to 1.

One thing I found really great about this blog was their information about apps.  They really try to relate to their consumers in this department.  I saw a story about “minding your mobile manners,” that had app ideas to help deal with those situations.  An example would be the type and walk app; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GZf3pmB_bE4.  This app allows you to see the path ahead of you via your camera while allowing you to type at the same time. Neat! They also have apps to help students get back into the swing of school like this alarm clock; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doubleTwist.alarmClock and this app called Linquet; http://www.helloandroid.com/content/keep-close-eye-your-phone-wallet-and-keys-linquet that allows you to link your keys etc to your phone so when you are too far away from them an alarm sounds.  There is a world of apps out there waiting for every occasion!!

This blog has a sidebar that is very simple to understand and has many helpful links allowing you to access any information you could possibly need about koodo.  From phones and apps to fun and extras, it’s all there.  There are links to their homepage and their facebook page as well;https://www.facebook.com/Koodo.  The many topics they offer to read and discuss are labelled and easy to access along the side.  The one thing i noticed and really liked was the questions tab on the side.  Even if I scrolled to the bottom of the page the question tab stayed in the same place!

Although I did notice that koodo doesn’t update their blog daily but they do post numerous times a week and have a weekly recap about all the latest news in cell phone technology.  Their page is very easy to navigate and understand, their topics are interesting and they relate to many different kinds of consumers.  As well as having short cuts within the stories to direct you to a bigger version of the story being discussed but they also have many links to pages such as facebook, and its easy to find their products and promotions.  I really enjoyed this blog, and I actually learned a lot from it and I know I will look forward to the weekend reading from now on.

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What is social media?

  When the question was asked in class “who wants to tell me what social media is?” I thought to myself “please don’t ask me” because I had no clue. After the first class I had a bit better understanding that social media is not only important in the business world but there are many forms of it as well. To be honest though I still don’t have a complete grasp of the concept but have faith! I’ve been out of school for 13 years and its the first week!

   Social media is important in business because its an easy way to get your information across and in most cases its free. Places like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc… Allow people to connect with others they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect with,  in places all around the world. 

   There are many forms of social media as mentioned, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are the ones I am most familiar with. I do not have any experience with twitter I always assumed it was similar to facebook and just didn’t bother with it. Facebook can be used as a media tool in many ways. One could create a group then invite potential clients or customers to join the group. As well one could use facebook to invite a mass group of people to an event.

You Tube can be used to post virtually anything. Videos of a home project that you want a sponsor for or company adds or info, among the many other things.

  As I said before, I don’t have the strongest grasp on social media as a whole but I feel like I have a better idea than I did last week to what social media is and how important it is to both myself and the business world.

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Welcome to my blog!!

I am a first time blogger! Consider yourself pre warned 🙂

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